The Art of Russ Aharonian The Art of Russ Aharonian Russ Aharonian, Artist The Art of Russ Aharonian Russell Aharonian Artist

Russ Aharonian, Artist

Russ was featured in an article entitled "Muse of the Whimsical"
in May/June 2013 Yerevan Magazine

Watch Russ's video as he talks about his art:
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Russ married Merrill Black on April 26, 2014!!!

Russ's new sculptural assemblage "Enduring Journey' on Sculptures page

Russ w
as featured in an article by Jeanné McCartin in the Portsmouth Herald. Read about it here.

paintings "The Pie Party" and "Goddess and the Joker" are in the movie
"Being Flynn" authored by Nick Flynn
and currently in release nationwide,
with starring Robert DeNiro and Julianne Moore.

Russ's work is on exhibit at
The Barn Gallery and the
Ogunquit Art Gallery in Ogunquit, ME.

Here's a view of the past show from Doo Salon here.
Here's a review of the show in the Portsmouth Herald's Spotlight written by Ann Bryant

Watch Russ's video
from Crazy and Wonderful:

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Watch Russ's video
on his show
at Ogunquit
Art Association
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Watch Russ's video
as he talks
about his art:

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Russ's working in his
udio in 1970 in the Button Factory and his exhibit at the Art Institute of Boston:
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Read about Russ's last show in May 2007, visit Portsmouth Herald Spotlight.

Russell Aharonian's art is a form inspired over a 50-year period -- originally by the masters Bosch, Breughel and Van Eyck, as were other surrealists -- and by the brilliant language of the abstract-expressionists -- but mostly by life itself: the passions, the sensations, the mysteries, and the humor of the human condition.

Russ works with the spontaneity of digital graphics, the sensuality of oil and acrylic painting and the simplicity of sculpture... and weaves his colorful imprint into biomorphic expressions. Russ is available for abstract family and individual portraits. He also creates artwork for motorcycles and helmets.
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